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 “What I Observed Back Then That Makes Better Sense of Now”


In this series documentary, Pastor Bruce Maier helps clear up the confusion and make sense of the division, great disparity of values, and unrest that currently plague our nation. He does so by tracing the disparity to its origin. The series takes a biblical and historical look at how Biblical Jurisprudence, replaced by Sociological Jurisprudence in our legal system 140 years ago, has little by little eroded the nations biblical foundation and values, and has resulted in a divided nation, in an irreparable state, unless God should intervene. To appreciate the full value of the series, please begin with Part I and watch each video in order. 


My hope is that by taking an objective look, tracing the disparity to its source, that the church will once again become unified in its understanding of truth, forsake its neutrality, stand for truth and righteousness, speak up and get involved to influence our political leaders and law makers, and nation for Christ. I think we all agree that people need Jesus, and may we continue to take every opportunity to do so. However, right now the nation needs the church to come to its rescue and stand for righteousness and truth. Let’s determine not to miss the opportunity. This moment in our history may be our last opportunity to turn the nation around.”


Pastor Bruce Maier

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